Marti and Scott discuss Scott’s background and podcast, Rameumptom Ruminations.

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Scott’s Episodes with Brian Harris

Rameumptom Ruminations: 002: On Covenants and the Impermanence of Things

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Where Will You Go Playlist:

00:00 Intro

01:19 What is your 2 minute Mormon story?

04:24 Why are you podcasting?

11:34 Are you afraid of audience capture?

16:04 Is the LDS church a net positive or net negative?

21:03 Positive and negative feedback of Rameumptom Ruminations.

28:50 What has been the worst part about changing your beliefs?

32:40 What is something that you believe that may surprising to a Latter-Day Saint?

36:46 Is there anything that you said as your beliefs were changing that you regret?

38:64 Do you ever second guess the decision to leave the church?

45:34 What bugs you the most about the church?

57:52 What do you like about the church?

48:49 What bugs you about the post Mormon world?

50:27 What do you like about the post Mormon world?

52:08 How do people find you? What are your favorite episodes of Rameumptum Ruminations?


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