Marti and Hayden talk about his background and why he engages publicly. They also talk about the foundation of morality.

Hayden on the 2 Witnesses Podcast:

Formal Debate LDS vs Calvinists:

Sam Harris and Jonathan Haidt on Moral Relativism

00:00 Intro

00:03:13 Has the Church updated what is taught in Seminary? Are you discouraged from engaging publicly as a Seminary teacher?

00:07:40 How did the debate with the Calvinist Christians come about? Was the debate productive?

00:17:43 Atheists don’t make any positive claims and some tangents including interpretation of the bible.

00:27:01 Moral Relativism

00:32:55 100% certainty

01:00:41 Is street epistemology good? Do you need the belief in God to have a value structure?

01:36:46 Why are people choosing secular world views over religious world views?

01:56:37 Why is church history a problem for so many members?


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