Marti and Anthony talk about the post mormon world and content. They discuss why they produce content and some of their favorite projects they have participated in. They talk about books and content that has been influential to them. They discuss their theories on why post mormons seem to lean left politically. Anthony asks Marti about 3practices and why she participates and what benefits she thinks it has.

Relationships Across Difference Divides:

Anthony’s Channel, Life After Deconstruction:

Anthony’s Tedx talk:

Faith After Doubt Episode 1:

Faith After Doubt Episode 2:

Faith After Doubt Episode 3:

Chris Kimball’s Book: Living on the Inside of the Edge

Peter Enn’s Book: The Sin of Certainty

Brené Brown’s Book: Braving the Wilderness

Brian Mclaren’s Book: Do I Stay Christian?: A Guide for the Doubters, the Disappointed, and the Disillusioned

Jordan Peterson’s Book: Maps of Meaning

Jonathan Haidts Books: Coddling of the American Mind and The Righteous Mind

Jordan Peterson’s Maps of Meaning Online Lecture (Marti watched and recommends the 2017 videos):

Harris Pererson Debate 1:

Harris Peterson Debate 2:

Harris Peterson Debate 3:

Harris Peterson Debate 4:

Connect with Marti on Facebook:

Where Will You Go Playlist:


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