Marti talks with Nathan from the Digital Gnosis Channel. Nathan talks about his conversion to Christianity and deconversion from Christianity. They discuss their disagreements around politics, particularly around the ways of thinking promoted by Jordan Peterson and similar thinkers.

Digital Gnosis Channel:

How nathan became Christian:

Nathan talks to Doug:

Nathan talks to Doug again:

Why Nathan is no longer Christian:

Atheist Nathan looks back at Christian Nathan:

Nathan Invervies James Fodor:

Nathan’s reccomended philosophy of religion scholars: Karen Armstrong, Helen De Cruz, Kenny Pearce, Eleonore Stump, Ian Mills, Laura Robinson, Kamil Gregor, Philosphy Overdose, Kane Baker, Joe Schmid from Majesty of Reason, and Don Cupitt.

Do Free Societies Need Postmodernism? Stephen Hicks vs. Thaddeus Russel:

James Lindsay addresses criticism that he is a conpiracy theorist:

Where Will You Go Playlist:

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